Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 75- Catching Up

Our campsite had a slightly better view than this last night.  It was fantastic.  That is Mount Massive, Colorado's second highest peak with the town of Leadville before it.  We watched the full moon come up, cross the sky in the night, and disappear behind Massive as the sun light up the sky. 
After a mediocre breakfast in town we left Leadville.  The hitch was easier enough and we were back on trail around 11:30.  We had high hopes of catching up with Team All Dead and Bo, but it seemed unlikely.  All the southbounders we talked to told us they were at least an hour ahead of us. 
Just before leaving tree line to climb up to a pass a storm that had been building all afternoon let loose.  It graupled and thundered and we took a break in the trees.  It was still bleak when we left shelter and hiked up and over Kocomo Pass.  Instead of going down after the pass the trail stayed high and the weather stayed gray and wet.  Team All Dead was nowhere to be seen.  We were above treeline for five miles before we took a short cut down.  We came out right at this cabin.  These locked cabins are such a disappointment--they make me feel so excluded.  We didn't even check the door, we just pushed onwards.  A few miles later, just when I was thinking of telling Portrait that I had reached my limit for the day we spied a camper in the trees.  I didn't recognize him, but Portrait did.  It was Bo.  We settled in and had dinner.

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