Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 74- Not All Dead

We ended our first day of summer at this small lake the night before--completely exhausted, but pleased with our sunrise day.  We woke 10.5 miles outside of the town of Leadville.  I was determined to make it into town before the post office closed for the weekend.  We started hiking early (although not as early as the day before) and hiked fast. 
Besides talking to southbound CT'ers we didn't take any breaks...until we came across this swing.  I couldn't pass it up.  We sat and swung for a bit, and while I was anxious to get to the road and start hitching it was the mosquitoes that pushed us onward.
We made it to the road just before 11 o'clock.  Not bad, but the real test was the hitch.  Things started to seem a little bleak as it got closer to 11:30, but our luck won out.  Our ride took us straight to the post office.  We got our mail and swapped some items in the bounce box before the post office closed.  We settled in at the hostel--which was booked with a church group but they had a campsite for us, and then we went to find Team All Dead and Bo at their hotel.  We hung out for hours...and I didn't blog a word.  It was great to catch up--worth the extra computer time I'll be spending in Silverthorn. 

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