Friday, June 07, 2013

Day 59-Up and Over

Looking back at the Knife's Edge from where we camped.  The trail is up in the highest snow (but not on the top of the ridge). 
The miles came a little easier than the day before.  Portrait is on trail and looking in the direction we are heading.  
The trail climbed up to a ridge and a snow wall that towered over us.  We had two choices:  make permanent camp on the snow shelf or kick in steps and climb over the wall.  
Nearing the end of the day we were up on a ridge and came across this spring.  It is hard to tell from a  photo, but the water was bubbling out of the ground.  It looked like a water bubblier--but for the critters.  
Somewhere under there was a river that we followed all the way down into a valley and camp.  About a mile up stream from this log pile was a beaver lodge and dam.  We saw them swimming around--one smacked its tail on the water to scare us off.  If only they knew how many logs they were missing out on.

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