Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 66-Did We Go Back To NM?

We got a late start on the day...we did after all get up before sunrise the day before.  The morning was more roads...boring, but these flowers were cute.
After lunch the trail finally went back into the woods again--we'd been on roads since before lunch the day before.  It felt almost like the good old AT once we were back in the forest.  The trail went up and then down a little and then up some more.  By evening it was almost annoying...and then we saw this.  Not sure if it is the work of Team All Dead, but I hope so.  We camped only a couple of miles past it.  There was a nice little spot that--it even had a bench to watch the sunset, but the mosquitoes have come out in force and we just dove into the tent. 

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