Saturday, June 08, 2013

Day 60-Gentle CO

Still not warm enough to go for a swim.  
After breaking camp we hiked upwards--the downside to always camping low.  The trail did give us an awesome view of The Window.  The trail goes near it, but not through it.    
Those are either two elks or a pair of moose.  We know there are moose around (I never would have guessed they lived in CO but we've seen the signs and the locals keep mentioning them).  
We both had pretty dry feet and that wasn't something we  were going to ruin.  The sun was even strong enough to dry out socks that we had outside our packs.  
I thought this looked like a mini Crater Lake--It even had its own Wizard Island. 
At the end of an 18 mile day--our second 18 mile day in a row-- Portrait cooked up his dinner.  

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