Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 69-Great Divide

After a great breakfast at the hostel Portrait and I hitched back to trail.  A couple of miles into our uphill climb looking south towards the road that went into Salida. 
We stopped for lunch at a ski hut--there were picnic tables and trash cans there.  Portrait knows by know that I will never willingling pass up a chance to eat at a picnic table.  We joined by Mountain Rat who is also on his way to Canada. 
The trail stayed just off the ridge and right in the path of strong wind gust.  I could feel the wind drying out my eyes while I hiked.  It was a relief to finally cross the divide and start down the mountain. 
This small pool had some very nice water in it. 
The trail passed through an old mining area and along the bank of this massive lake. 
More mining:  just a giant hole filled with old snow. 
Again the trail ducked into terrain that felt a lot like hiking in Maine--it even had mosquitoes. 
Minutes before reaching this beautiful cabin we hiked past two little rundown cabins--not the type we wanted to stay in with their broken windows, doors hanging cockeyed, and dirt floors.  This one we would have gladly camped in, except it was locked up tight.  We camped in out tent not too much further down the trail. 

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