Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 64-Among the 14'ers

Lucky, the owner of the hostel drove Greenflash, Portrait, and I back to the trail.  The trail went up, marked by cairns   
At the top of the main climb.  That's a 14'er behind us--Baldy Cinco (I think).  We realized recently that we had no pictures of the two of us together since Mexico--Greenflash was happy to snap a photo.  
A very nice spring.  CO is a little drier than I expected so I tank up often.  
Our destination for the morning:  San Luis a 14'er.
Kind of cool rock formations just before we stopped to make camp for the night.  We slept above 13,000 feet for the first time so we could do a sun rise summit of San Luis--the summit was only a mile away.  

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