Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 70-Alpine Tunnel

It was nice and warm in the tent, but outside it was brisk.  Good thing we had a climb to warm up with.  Almost to the pass the view reminded me of the Sierras.
After the pass the trail dropped down and we found ourselves walking on a road until we reached the Alpine Tunnel trail head.  We signed in at the trail head register and we were pleased to find out that Team All Dead were just a day ahead of us.  The trail followed an old train bed that had been turned into a (very wet) trail.  The tunnel at the end was disappointing.  It had not only collapsed, but had been filled in until it was hard to tell there used to be a tunnel there.  I had been so excited to walk through a tunnel...oh well.
Most of the snow has been optional, but not this patch.  Some dayhikers that were visiting the Alpine Tunnel thought we were pretty crazy to cross a snow field similiar to this one--but we couldn't very well wait for it to melt. 
Later in the day we did wait out a grauple storm under a large pine tree.  Once the grauple stopped falling and the thunder faded away we continued climbing up to a pass.  We camped low on the other side. 

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