Monday, June 03, 2013

Day 55 Back to Colorado

Portrait and I made it to the towns of Encampment and Riverside around 3 p.m.  After a meal at the Mangy Moose we settled in at the Lazy Acres Campground.  
Our cabin, by the river.
Then it was time to try our luck getting back to CO.  It seemed unlikely, but after an hour we were picked up and brought over the state line.  Two more hitches (one 5 miles the other over 100 miles) brought us to Silverthorn, CO
We had breakfast the next morning at the Bear Trap
Bought some new shoes before leaving Silverthorn
Where we rented this monster of a car.  We did some town stops and then started driving south with Portrait behind the wheel and me curled up in the passenger's seat.  

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