Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 62-Leaving the San Jauns

When we woke up we had 23 miles between us and town.  Like all our mornings our day started with a climb.  A big one this time. The trail took us to our second 13,000 foot peak (yesterday had the first).  It also happened to be a very dry stretch of trail.  Every other day we had been walking in water (or trying not to) but once we were on the ridge there was no water to be found it seemed.  We did find some running out from under a snow patch.  
Leaving the San Jaun mountains.  After our 13 footer it was all down hill to town.  Our plan of going into town the next day changed to going into town that evening.  
We reached the road just before 7 o'clock.  Late, but hopeful, we set about hitching.  An hour later we gave up.  We didn't hear any traffic while we set up camp or ate dinner.  

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