Thursday, June 06, 2013

Day 58-The CO We Knew

After doing 21 miles yesterday I got out of the tent this morning feeling tired but ready to face Colorado. By 10:30 we had only hiked 4.5 miles and my high hopes of another day like yesterday were depleated. By lunch time I began to remember why Portrait and I left Colorado in the first place.
A storm blew in a lunch time, then it went out again, only to come back late afternoon.  We followed this snow wall for nearly a mile before climbing on top of it to continue to hike higher up..into a storm.
Shortly before climbing onto the snow wall.  The walking on the snow was easier than walking besides it.  We dropped lower into some trees when the storm hit.  It seemed like we were back in the CO that we knew from before and didn't much like.  
A wet meadow before the Knife's Edge--every trail has to  have one.  This on was covered under a layer of deep wet snow and looked scary.  We took the lower route around the worst of it.  
The lower route landed us next to a this elk skull.  Portrait has a picture of m lifting it up and over my head, but I sadly don't have a copy of the photo.  We camped not to far away after an exhausting 15 mile day. 

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