Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 65-A Better Sunrise

Neither of us set an alarm, but Portrait woke us up at 4:45.  I had been half joking when I had suggested a sunrise summit...I didn't feel like another repeat of Mount Whitney (on the PCT).  
Still a little ways from the summit the sun was up.  It was warm and mild as we continued to hike upwards.  
On the summit.  A little cool, a little breezy, but nice enough to stay awhile.
Portrait looking for data on the summit (there was some).
On the way down the trail dropped quickly--no more thin air for us.  This river had half a dozen beaver dams on it making it the perfect place to see a moose...but we didn't. 
A flower growing along the river 
At the bottom of the decent we ran into the maker of the Bear Creek route and maps.  He was out with a team flagging a new section of trail.
It was almost like being back in New Mexico.  We spent the rest of the day walking on roads--sometimes through pretty aspen groves, but most of it was through fields full of sage brush--just like the desert.  

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