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Castle Hikes!  

Spring is coming and so is another hike.  This year I will be setting out with Portrait to hike the Continental Divide Trail.  Last year Portrait and I started hiking together just north of Kennedy Meadows and it wasn't long before we started planning for a 2013 CDT thru-hike.

Up until last year I spent most of my time on the Appalachian Trail.  In 2007 I did a 1,500 Southbound hike on the AT.  In 2009 I hiked all 2,165 miles of the AT finishing on Springer Mountain.  In 2010 and 2011 I spent the summer working for the PATC on the AT in Maryland.  Portrait thru-hiked the AT in 2011.
I want to share this journey with my family, friends, and all the CDT day dreamers.  I hope you enjoy the adventure.


  1. Love your daily posts,


  2. Hi Castle! Carol asked me to forward on her message, and I wanted to say Hi too, and of course to Opus and Portrait. We have been following your blog and have not stopped thinking about you all. I wonder where you are and how you are doing every day. I am reading "Wild" and have been looking into some short hikes on the PCT. You have been an inspiration to us both and have re-ignited my interest in hiking after many years. What you are doing takes a lot of character to do and I admire you enormously. Take care! Love, Cheryle

    Carol's message:
    Hi Castle, Opus and Portrait, Just know your essence still lives in my home! You are in my thoughts everyday and I love telling your story. I have passed your blog onto my interested friends so they can enjoy your continuing trekking adventures. Castle: You write a dynamite description of your "along the trail" happenings and it invites me right into your experience. Know that your saying yes to coming home with me will always be a treasured memory. And let Portrait know I am sorry I had no bacon. That indeed kept the moment from being perfect, which is good. Returning to the trail on a unicorn....now that image is fantasy PLUS! Come back and see Cheryle and I sometime. Love you always, Carol

  3. Carol: Everyone in the family is still talking about your hospitality to Castle and Portrait. You must be an amazing person... with or without bacon! Glad you liked my unicorn remark! Sandy