Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 67-A Cabin

Early morning sunlight coming in through the forest.  Our destination for the day is a little cabin 20 miles away.  
Before getting to town we'll be back in those mountains--so much low country gets dull. 
Can you see the elk?  I spotted her coming down the trail and she didn't notice us right away.  When she did, she froze.
More aspens.
Our lunch spot for the day.  
We made the 20 miles by 4:30 so we had dinner and moved on.  It was a nice place to stay, but it was too early.  And I always like to camp less than ten miles from town.  
Near time to camp.  We hiked through a burned area with a nice view.  Dark clouds moved in and were threatening rain.  We camped not much further up the trail in a little bowl.  Only 6 miles to town in the morning.  

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