Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Day 22--Then There was a Road Walk

Looking back the way we came along the Narrows
La Ventana on the other side of the valley
Portrait, halfway down the rock scramble
So after finishing our rim walk on the top of the Narrows Portrait and I did a little cross country hiking to get to the edge of the cliff.  Once at the cliff's edge we had our first view of La Ventana--one of New Mexico's grandest natural arches--and the hairy rock scramble we had to do in order to return to the valley floor.  Once there we went for a closer look at the arch--we left the penned in viewing area so we could see the sky above the arch. 

After all this beauty and on trail walking, and rescuing a lemon meringue pie from the trash, we had a 25 mile road walk into Grants. 
Getting as close to the arch as possible
The start of the road walk had some great scenery
But not even great scenery can do much to help a 25 mile long road walk...but we did end up at the very nice Red Lion Inn in Grants two days earlier than expected.

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