Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 34-In Knee Deep

Portrait and I left the shelter first after a pleasant night spent there.  Highlife didn't catch up with us for some time, but then we hiked the rest of the morning together. 
After lunch we finished our descent into the canyon only to climb back up the other side.  The climb was short and steep--not much of a trail at all.  It looked like it had been washed out recently.  Highlife hiked ahead as the trail hugged the side of the mountain.  The view of the valley below filled with streams and crowned with snowy peaks was a high point of the day.  It got better when we came up to Highlife, who motioned for us to be quiet and pointed into the valley.  Below us were nine elk grazing by a small stream.  They didn't seem to be aware of three humans watching them from above. 
Highlife taking in the view from the edge of the mountain
After a break at Lower Lagunitas Campground we ascended to Upper Lagunitas Campground--one of the Lagunitas with snowy mountains in the distance. 
Portrait checking for cell reception at a viewpoint.
Going cross-country through knee-deep snow,and sometimes deeper, for a few miles was tiring and frustrating. 

Portrait, standing on top of the snow, for the moment.  Luckily, near the end of a very long day that was closing in on 30 miles we got out of the snow and had road to walk on and a sheltered place for Portrait and I and Highlife to sleep.  Our campsite was right next to the road and a sign stating Colorado was only 3 miles away--sadly the trail didn't take the road there.  For us it was going to be 10 long miles to the state line and another 3 to the road into town.

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