Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 31- Extra Short Nero

Last night it looked like there was going to be a huge storm--dark clouds had gathered and we even saw a bit of lightning--so we were rather happy to come across this little shake at the Ghost Ranch Visitor's Center.  I'm sure they didn't intend CDT thru-hikers to camp in it, but we figured we'd be long gone before anyone showed up at the center in the morning.  It was just large enough for me, Portrait, and Speedbump to settle into.  It blocked all the wind--but it turned out not to matter.  The storm didn't happen and dawn was beautiful.  
This is supposed to be a picture of Portrait crossing a suspension bridge over a wash, but for some reason the picture won't upload.  
We only had planned a two mile day to get us into Ghost Ranch, but we were hiking fast--breakfast started at 7:30 and according to the guide book hikers have to buy meal tickets a half hour before the meal starts.  Even hiking fast it was easy to enjoy the mesas that the ranch is nestled among as the sun's light hit the cliffs for the first time that morning.  
Ghost Ranch has great food--and you don't have to show up a half hour early to get a ticket (at least that's how it was for us), showers, a 24 hour library with WiFi, sofa's, and a rather large DVD collection.  And also the New Mexico State Fossil.  He's related to the crocodile.  Not a bad place to celebrate one month on trail with an extra short nero day.  


  1. Sweet! A solar powered castle!

    1. That would make my food bag a lot lighter.