Saturday, May 04, 2013

Day 25-Mount Taylor

Last night we stayed up later--for hikers on trail that is--watching the PCT 2012 Class video on Portrait's phone.  It was worth the late start this morning.  Being tired didn't help with climbing up to 11,301 feet.  I could really feel the elevation gain--I don't think I'm high elevation meteral.  On top though, the view was just wonderful.
Early dinner
On top of Mount Taylor looking over where we came from.  Our trail north stretches out beyond the pines in the forefront.  The norther side of the mountain had a crusty covering of snow that we made our own trail through. 
It was a bit windy and cold way up there and we stayed for awhile while Portrait made a happy birthday sign for fellow hiker Softwalker out of rocks.  
The view looking mostly south along the ridge we hiked up.
We had lunch at American Canyon Spring which actually was much nicer than it appears.  The pipe had cold clear water flowing out of it.  We made sure to tank up and fill up our bottles...water is rare out here.  
After Mount Taylor we spent the rest of the day hiking back down to the lower elevation. I was really starting to feel the weight of too much food on my back--my thru-hiker hunger is missing (if you see it, send it to me by general delivery) and the weight of water.  Around 5:30 we stopped for an early dinner.  I think dinner took about a pound off my back, and as small as that is, I could tell the difference. 

It was perfect hiking weather once our dinner break was over.  There were some clouds over head and a breeze.  A group of six elks also seemed to think it was perfect weather.  They sauntered across the dirt road about 20 feet in front of us.  It was getting too dark and they were too far away for a picture, sadly. We've seen a far number of elk on the trail so far, which is always a thrill.  Maybe one of these days I'll be able to snag a photo.  

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