Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 50- Another Windy Day

We woke up to rain falling on the tent and I had a tick crawling on my neck--I guess I missed one the night before during tick check.  Portrait mumbled something about a zero day in the tent.  I knew he meant "lets stay in the tent until the rain stops."  I was in full agreement.  We didn't get going until 11 o'clock--but our tent was dry.

The rain stopped, but it was a cold and very windy day. We had been catching glimpses of the Wind River Mountains as we hiked through the Basin.  We won't be hiking in those mountains until after finishing CO and hopefully all that snow will have melted by then.  
We stopped for lunch and water near the banks of the river.  We were lucky enough to find a little bit of shelter from the wind.  
Wyoming has impressive clouds and they seem not to rain on us.
One mile off trail is the tiny town of Atlantic City.  We walked down to the village hoping to find a meal, internet, and possibly a place to camp.  Even though the Grubshake was closed the owner welcomed us in and still feed us a hot meal.  They were very friendly and very interested in our hike.  We also found internet, but had to walk back up to the trail to camp--but we did so with full bellies.  

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