Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 48- Wyoming Wild Flowers

(Post written on May 27, 2013:  I have a back log of blog entries that will be posted when I get to a town with a computern but for now here is a glimps of what Portrait and I have been up to.)
It was a head down and just walk kind of day. I spent most of it looking at my feet as they traveled the jeep road through the Great Divide Basin.  Sometimes my hat brim blocked my field of vision when the wind bent the brim down to my nose. Because I was looking down so much I had the time to notice the wild flowers--and there isn't much else to see in this section. So here they are:  Wyoming Wild Flowers.
Flowers by the A&M Reservoir.  The water tasted like grass, but was clear and cold.   
Wild onions near the stream

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