Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 35-Goodbye New Mexico

The morning started out okay--we were on a road that was more or less snow free, and we were only ten miles away from Colorado--so of course it was beautiful. 
I already knew that Colorado mid-May was a bad idea, but walking out of a heavily treed forest that was thickly covered in snow to this view really brought home how slow we were going to be moving soon. 
These post that mark the trail when it is on dirt roads are usually about four feet tall.  The snow was fine when it was firm--usually early in the morning--but post-holing in four feet of soft snow brought my spirit low--it's hard work, but I polished off all my snacks in my food bag for once.
Portrait built a Colorado sign to welcome the other hikers to the state.  I refused to leave New Mexico behind until it was complete, but I did collect New Mexico pine cones to help with the building. 
Good-bye New Mexico--you were more interesting than I expected. 
Just over the state line, our first view point in Colorado.  Somewhere down there was a road that lead to Chama...

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  1. Yikes, four feet of soft snow will make for some mighty postholing! Thank you for writing an enjoyable journal.