Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 36 & 37-Zeros

After getting an early dinner--and a good thing too because Chama closes down early--Portrait and I made our way to the Rio Chama RV Park.  We had met a women at the post office who offered to pay for our night at the park--an offer not to be refused.  We knew we'd be staying for more than one night--snowshoes were being mailed to us and we didn't expect them until Friday.
Our first zero day in Chama was a rainy one.  After doing laundry we spent most of the day in the pavilion at the park charging electronics, eating cake for breakfast packing up my food bag, resting.  In between brief down pours we made it to the library and then the Family Dollar for dinner:  hot dogs, chips, and cookies for dessert.  
The morning of our second zero day we were up early:  we had a bus to catch to Santa Fe, NM.  The Blue Bus--a free regional transit bus picked us up at 8 a.m.  After a two hour social hour on the small bus where everybody learned of our hiking adventure thus far we got off at Espanola to catch another bus.  It was three hours of bus ride for nearly four hours of time in the city.  
Back around the Gila when we were hiking with Bo he told us of a chapel in Santa Fa with a "miraculous staircase."  It was built back in the 1800's with no center support--it seemed to defy the laws of engineering.  When Bo was telling us the story I never thought I would be seeing the chapel for myself.  
Our bus dropped us off and picked us up right outside of the museum of arts.  Most of the buildings in Santa Fe where adobes.  It was a great little visit--its a city worth returning to.   The bus dropped us off near the Chama grocery store--we bought some dinner and returned to our tent.

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