Monday, May 06, 2013

Day 27-Five Percent Chance of Storms

It took a little sweet talking, but the baby cow and all the others around agreed to share their water with us.  Instead of getting it out of the trough they were using, Waldo unhooked the hose and we got our water out of the faucet.
It is a rough life being a windmill in the desert.  I'm glad we weren't depending on that windmill for water.  
(Should be the last photo in the string) Our last water source before Cuba, NM.  There water was long as you didn't count the little black polliwogs swimming around it.  We filtered them out and had some great water.  
Once again Portrait and I had lunch high above the desert floor on the edge of a mesa.  It had been cloudy all morning, which was wonderful for hiking, but the clouds broke up while we ate.
These were more magenta in real life.  Sometimes even the sharp pointy things of the desert can be very beautiful.  Although I did step on one and that wasn't pretty.     

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