Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 49-Sun Dog

The stunning scenery of the Basin continued.  Without taking pictures of the wild flowers there doesn't seem to be much to see in this area.  It's dull enough that we start to day dream about other, more fun things that we could be doing instead of tick checks and being blown about by the wind.  
At lunch time we stopped by a small pond.  Portrait just happened to notice this shred of rainbow caught in the cloud.  The sun dog looked much more vivid in person.  
Dark clouds moved in late in the afternoon.  It seemed to be raining everywhere in the Basin, but where we were hiking.  The storm did send cold winds our way that had no trouble pushing us around.  
The Oregon Trail passed through the Basin, along with the California Trail 
We set up camp within sight of the Trail markers in an open field at the mercy of the wind.  It turned out the wind wasn't our biggest foe--but instead the rock hard ground.  We bent 4 tent stakes trying to pitch the tent.  

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