Friday, May 03, 2013

Day 24- Signs of the Trail

On the way out of Grants we stopped by the ranger station for any info on the water sources around Mount Taylor.  They didn't really have any new information for us, but we did fill up with water there and ate lunch at their picnic table.  
We weren't trying to hitch anyways--we like walking along busy roads past the Western New Mexico Prison (in the background there). 
After 5.5 miles of road walking we were welcomed to the Cibola National Forest...
Cibola National Forest:  Home to Mount Taylor at  11,301 feet 
And by trail they actually mean trail.  No more dirt roads for us...for now
The trail climbed up onto a mesa--a large table top mountain with very steep sandstone sides.  On top was almost perfectly flat which made for fast walking.  
From the mesa we had a wonderful view of Mount Taylor--tomorrow morning's destination.
We followed the dirt road for a scant mile to the trail-head for the mountain.
Portrait and I camped at the water cache left by the Grants Trail Angels. 

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