Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Day 28-The Call of Town

The clouds that cleared out after lunch came back last night.  In a very light drizzle Portrait and I set up the tent for the first time.  We did it by headlamp while trying to keep the tent over our sleeping bags so they wouldn't get wet.  The rain stopped as we were adjusting the pitch of the tent.  We slept in it anyway, just in case.  
The morning dawned clear and bright.  We had camped at the base of the mesa and a good thing, too.  The trail wasn't that steep or rocky, but not the type of thing I wanted to do by headlamp.
We were on top of the mesa and cruising right along.  We both had heavy food bags, but the song of town was calling us in.
We made it to Cuba in time for an early lunch after hiking 12 miles (5 of that on a road).  This sign was just outside of the post office, which was our first stop where we picked up two care packages--thanks Where's Chris and Stride!
Probably my best meal in a town yet.  That was dinner, lunch was a pretty bad hamburger.
Hikers in Cuba.  There's Burrito, Speedbump, Highlife, Waldo, and Portrait

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