Sunday, May 05, 2013

Day 26- Northern New Mexico

The morning was spent on another mesa.  This was our lunch view.  We shared the spot with Waldo--a hiker we met earlier that morning.  He had hiked the PCT last year, but neither Portrait or I had met him.  
Small beauties where not much else manages to grow.
In the mid afternoon we hiked down from the mesa--it was a very steep trail made of sliding rocks to the desert floor.    
By the end of the descent my ankles and feet where exhausted.  Thankfully we had a nice long break at a spring (where the water tasted of sulfur) for another early dinner.  Slowly my food bag is growing lighter, but I'm going to head into town with extra food.
Unlike the PCT we haven't spent whole afternoons walking through burn areas.  This one lasted  for less than a mile.
Who can resit being eaten by a sandstone monster?  Not I.  Northern New Mexico seems to be made up of sandstone and mesas.  It is incredibly beautiful.  There has been so many times where I've been brought to a stop just to stare at another mesa or sandstone cliff stripped red, white, and tan.  

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