Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 43- Pizza in Pagosa!

Still on walking on roads Portrait and I came across this awesome yurt.  It was around noon and the door was padlocked shut or we might have wanted to stay there.  It was day 6 of a 4 day stretch of trail and I was very low on food so we pressed on.  
Once again we're in the snow.  Neither of us bothered to put on the snow shoes for the mile long stretch of snowy bushwacking down to a lake and another road.  For the past couple of days we felt like the CDT hikers of the past--piecing together a route consisting mostly of forest service roads. 
The lake we hiked down to and the road that would take us two miles to the road into town.  
Once again we thought there would be a bridge, but instead it was time to get the feet wet again., but not our shoes. 

Pizza in Pagosa!  After 6 days of some of the hardest hiking I've done pizza was a  must. 

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