Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 51-South Pass City

The Wind River Mountains early in the morning with no clouds blocking them from view.  It was one of our first real clear views of what awaits us in July
Looking south at the Basin.  Neither Portrait and I were sad to be leaving it...although as Portrait pointed out to me, we weren't really leaving it, we had a section of the Basin to do south of Rawlings.  
The Historic Town of South Pass City.  It was a mining town in its day, now it is more of a museum.  We poked about, braving the bitter winds that seemed to be tunneled down the town's main street for awhile.  Then we headed a few miles up the trail to highway 28 and the end of our section.  We hitched into Lander to resupply.  Then we had to get out of Lander...without using our thumbs.  Three hours creeped by and we were picked up by a Texas rancher who had sold out and was on a road trip before heading to South America.  Squashed three into the front of his truck's cab he took us all the way to Rawlings.    

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