Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 47-The Great Divide Basin

This area of trail is known for the wild mustangs that live there.  Theres three were not so wild, the others kept their distance.  We also saw two coyotes and herds of antelope.  The first antelope we saw, last night, was thrilling, then we saw about 20 more last night, and saw at least a hundred today.  

Our first water source in Wyoming.  Not a bag source either.  It is also where I found my first tick as it crawled along on my shirt.  
Once we were away from the developed areas around Rawlings this was our trail and this was our view.  We had entered the Great Divide Basin:  the mountain range splits creating a flat desert bowl.  By the time we stopped for dinner we had hiked 28 miles so we decided to go for a 30.  We were done our day with sunlight to spare--which was good because we did a tick check.  I had 3 ticks attached to me and Portrait was lucky enough to only have one.  

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