Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 21-An Adobe House and The Narrows

Our day started out with a long walk on York Ranch Road
Another gopher snake, this one in a canyon
A twelve hundred year old adobe house tucked into the canyon

After looking at a multi colored rock plateau for a six mile road walk in the hot late afternoon heat it was wonderful to be on top of the plateau. Portrait and I had dinner in the picnic area below the plateau and then the red trail that we have been hiking north joined with the Rim Trail for a three mile scenic hike.

Sun set from the Narrows
Up top was beautiful. The rocks that made up the trail and the cliffs overlooking the road and the valley below were Mar's red in the golden hour sunlight. There was a strong breeze and enough clouds hovering around the horizon that the sun's fierce heat was muted. It felt like I had hiked more than halfway through New Mexico for an hour of perfect weather and stunning scenery. There hasn't been much on the trail so far that compares.
The Narrows, jutted out above the highway in the valley and we spent the golden hour of the day up there

I was torn between wanting to sit and watch the best sunset I've seen on trail yet and hiking on, throwing constant looks west, but seeing more of this beautiful place glowing red. We hiked through sunset with a handful of detours to the cliff's edge to catch the view. The sky turned electric cotton candy pink and everything else was dyed red gold to match.

Slowly the sky and the rocks lost their magic. The rocks turned from red to a dull gray just like the clouds overhead. As we looked for a campsite I had to wonder if they had ever been red to begin with.
Portrait taking in the view of the valley from the Narrows
A carving in the adobe house

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