Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 15--Crossings of the Gila

Today, instead of counting miles we counted river fords to the campground. Portrait didn't start rhyming until somewhere in the teen's.  Here's a sampling of how we entertained ourselves.

25 and we're still alive
32 there are rainbows and sparkles, too
39 is too early to whine
44 more difficult than before
50 is nifty
52 is split in two
53 I rock hopped thee
56 I hope this isn't the Rive Styx
58 will you be my lunch date
60 is pretty
68 was late
71 we're nearly done
75 our electronics are still alive.
78 felt great
80 is ahoy matie!
82 horary for me and you
84 perhaps just one more?
85! Weeeee

Our count managed to be spot on even though the count got a little muddled in the mid 70's as did the trail.

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