Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 20-Follow the Road

Softwalker making the largest skillet of scrambled eggs I've ever seen.
Our forced laziness came to an end this morning. After a wonderful breakfast cooked by Neon and Softwalker Portrait and I went to the post office to claim our two packages. Then it was on to sorting food, packing up, hand washing a bandana, calling home, and a number of other small tasks.

A gopher snake sunning itself on the road on the way out of town

Speedbump, Estero, and Neon walking north
Time to start thinking about our next town:  Grants
We hit the road--we haven't been on an actual trail for awhile now--with Estaro, Neon, and Speedbump. The sun beamed down on our backs for the whole time we hiked.  It was 7 miles before I started to think fondly about taking a snack break and then a couple more miles before we did take a very long break in some splotchy shade.  Anything that could melt, melted in my food bag under that sun.  
a horny toad on the road

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