Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 10- Route Choice

Hooray!  Finally almost on the trail we originally planned to hike
Mid afternoon after climbing up another canyon all morning we left behind the Columbus route.  We were on our way to getting to the trail we had planned to hike on. For a few miles we were on the Bear Creek route heading south and finally saw our first CDT emblems nailed to a tree.

A water source--luckily we had plenty
After going south we left the CDT for a trail that will connect us to the official trail. Choosing a route is one of the things that makes the CDT so different from the other two trails that are more linear.
Team All Dead finally got in touch via a text to Portrait.  They weren't all dead, thankfully.  We probably won't see them until Doc Campbell's in a couple of days.

I guess it is a national forest

The tread way was nice as we climbed up Signal Peak--we've actually had good tread to follow for awhile now. The top of the peak felt like a booming hiker paradise. There was a fire tower, caretaker's hut, cell tower, trash cans, picnic table, and a little yellow RV with curtains and a plastic covered mattress. Portrait poked his head inside and declared the camper home.

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