Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 9- An Easy Day

We didn't leave the cabin until 11:00--it took so much effort to get there it only seemed right to stay and enjoy it.  Our breath still formed clouds and our water bottles had icy slush in them.

the cabin from the fire tower
I did go on about a two mile hunt for water--I was nearly frantic to have water. I found the spring caked with icicles and a steady flow of water falling into a cement basin. I brought back seven liters from the spring.

I told Portrait I wanted an easy day. And that's just what we had. Breaks in the sun were plenty. We dropped down to 7,000 feet by the end of the day and I left my cough somewhere higher on a ridge. We made camp with a little sunlight to spare an after dinner we watched the stars come out.

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