Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 6- 13 New Miles

Lunch break at an old disused mine 
One of the many wind powered wells
After an awesome hitch and only a short time re-hiking the dirt road we were back where we left off. I had a pack heavy and bloated with too much food--a bag of chips and a bag of cereal hung in a shopping bag off the back. We both had so much extra food we were thinking of hiking straight through to Doc Campbell's.

Water from the windmill
We had shoe prints to follow. That was kind of nice. I hadn't realized before following the tracks of Team All Dead that it was a little lonely out there, just me and Portrait. We'd lose their tracks whenever there was a stretch of cross country. It was a nice surprise when we'd all join the trail again.

We crossed over a dam that held back nothing but more desert and a smattering of trees. I guess sometimes there's water there, but we've yet to see any natural water sources. We made stops of tree appreciation--basking in the shade out of the wind.

By the end of the day we had done 13 new miles and camped behind a shrub near the ruins of an ol fort.

Portrait enjoying shade from one of the few trees we've seen
A shady spot to rest

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