Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 5-Seven Miles Back

We hiked back to town. Seven miles back around 9 a.m.  Portrait didn't feel well and rather than be stuck in the desert with a limited amount of water and an unlimited amount of hot desert sun we returned to town.

I was a bad sport about it. My displeasure at the idea was evident for the three and a half miles we walked--our outstretched thumbs were overlooked by passing pick-up trucks. My thoughts while hiking back got a little out of hand--a little drastic with all the what-ifs that I could come up with.  To eavesdrop on my thoughts on that walk you'd think the hike was doomed.

We did get a ride, and that alone made me feel better.  With a language barrier making for a somewhat awkward ride our driver dropped us off at the hotel.  We said gracias many times over.

No Amp, Cheese, and Bone Lady ready to hike
Portrait dozed while I hand-washed my socks and shirt--even with a good scrub it is no longer blinding white.  While things dripped dried we lounged about and exchanged texts with Team All Dead (that would be Bone Lady, Cheese, and No Amp from the PCT last year and also Southern and Styles also PCT last year but I didn't really know them). All our town chores had been completed the day before. We had nothing to do but rest, so we did.

Shortly after noon Team All Dead knocked on our door. We sat around, spilling out of the hotel room into the shade, and talked about the trail so far and the trail to come. They stayed for awhile, but left to hike seven miles in the late afternoon heat. They are planning on slower days so we should see them again.

Once they left it was time to eat and return to our lounging about ways.

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  1. Posted a box four different Mountain House dinners and some salty treats today from Portland via standard post to Cuba NM. Hope Portrait is feeling better and you can get back on trail soon. Nice to see NoAmp, and the rest of team All Dead. Your blog is so nice in the way it captures your adventures and also includes others.