Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 1--Made It!

Hitching was starting to get a little depressing when our third hitch dropped us off in the middle of nowhere--not a building in sight and not much traffic. We were picked up and he was going the 60 miles to Deming. Turned out he was actually going to Mexico.  So after one awkward stop at border patrol (they wanted to know why a Mexican was taking to American hitch hikers to the border) and then a quick stop at Walmart (for stove fuel) we arrived at that metal wall separating two countries.

It was after 5:30--we weren't going far. For 6 miles we were on roads. I walked on the dirt shoulder--picked up a bramble that had two inch long thorns buried deep in the tread of my shoe.
The road turned west and we walked for a mile straight into the sunset and a strong head wind. The only things we could see ahead were some mountains and closer two water tanks.  The tanks provided a meager wind block to set up a cowboy camp.

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