Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 36- Kite Flying

Mile 617 to Mile 640

I didn't sleep as well as expected, but around three a.m. I did look at the stars for a bit and found the Big Dipper easily.  Stars are so much brighter when there isn't another light to be seen.  Some time after that I had a trippy dream about a sea serpent trying to crush a guy on some beach and somebody else taking a shovel to the serpent.  I woke up at six with the dream fresh in my mind.

Packing up was delayed by a wet sleeping bag-downside to cowboy camping.  There was at least sun to dry the bag with.  It seemed like the last of the wind had died overnight and it seemed warmer-it seemed like the desert again.  I was out of camp at seven with a mostly dry bag.

I stopped at eight for breakfast.  Apparently when I packed this last resupply box I had meant a jar of chocolate peanut butter to be breakfast, because I had packed no oatmeal and not enough bars.  I had forgotten that and had been eating the peanut butter as a snack.  But know its only for breakfast, and I might just have enough.  My hiker hunger seems to have developed-at least.  I bet I'll go into Kennedy Meadows with an empty food bag.

To be continued...

(Due to not having any cell or internet service on my phone since leaving Tehachapi the second half of this blog entry is lingering on my phone.  Once I have service again I'll be able to finish uploading it, but until then there's nothing I can do about it.)

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  1. It's easy for us to forget how primitive your conditions are. Not to worry about what you are able to post... that's part of the suspense, and it keeps us interested.