Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 29- Eclipse

Mile 478 to Red Carpet Cashe at mile 486

I've learned with the desert that I have to get up and hike or hike late.  To start hiking at noon is a good way to have a hard day.  When I arrived at Casa de Luna I was planning on another zero day, but by the time I went to bed I was planning on hiking out late in the day.  So I slept in (6:30), drank tea, eat pancakes, and just lounged about.

Lots of people made it out of the vortex this morning-it sounded like some people had been there for days.  Around 11 other hikers arrived to fill the gap.  Most of those people were my group from the Saufly's.
I was packed up and ready at 4 with the goal of leaving at 4:30.  Leaving took a little longer than expected, but we were in the car just after 5 and on trail not long after that.  For the second time in two days I've left my group behind with no idea when I'll see them again.  The group I left with is the same group that I road with to Casa de Luna.

The sun was still mighty hot as the group started up the trail.  There was a partial solar eclipse that started around 5:30.  It had been talk of the trail for a little while.  Glancing up ever so quickly while cruising along I could see the shadow of the moon eating into the sun.  It was neat, but not nearly as cool as I was expecting.
Everybody I left with was planning on doing eight miles to the Red Carpet water cashe and we pretty much stayed within sight of each other.  I arrived at camp (water in cashe, flat ground, picnic table) at 8:15 hungry and tired.

I put my tent up instead of attacking dinner, and the it was time to eat.  I made a double dinner of cheesy broccoli and couscous soup.  It hardly fit in my pot and the couscous was undercooked, but it's still one of my favorite meals out here

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