Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 23- 40 Switchbacks to Baden-Powell

Wrightwood at mile 369 to Little Jimmy Springs Campground at 384

I hitched out of town after breakfast out and hanging around the post office repackaging food around 11:30.  I left town before the rest of the group I've been with.  With my supper heavy food bag I wanted to get a head start on them.

Only 2277 miles to go
The trail followed the highway that lead into town for a mile or so, and then climbed uphill and away from the road.  The trail gave glimpses of Baden-Powell with a few veins of snow o9n it still.  Then the trail dropped down to the road again at the Baden-Powell trail head.

I took a little lunch break on a bench in the shade and the others (Clutch, Day Hiker, and Tommy) showed up.  I was a little surprised to see them-I thought there was a good chance they would stay in town.

We didn't break long before starting the climb up.  We had heard that it was 4 miles up over the course of 40 switchbacks.  The trail up was on the gentle side with long switchbacks.  At number 14 there was a spring just off trail.  It was a seeping spring that I had to dip my bottle in, and there was nearly no floaties, and it was very cold.  I only took about a liter-although I didn't really need that much.

Near the top there were patches of snow.  It was pretty clear from the foot prints where the trail went.  There was no slipping or sliding, but there my feet did get damp.

The top was on a very short side trail off the PCT.  The view was fantastic from the top.  Desert off in one direction forested ridges in the other direction.  It's my new highest point on this trail or any others.  We stayed for awhile, but had 6 more miles to go, so off we went.

On the top of Baden-Powell with snowy Baldy Mountain behind me
The miles seemed to go by slow.  There was unexpected uphill-I thought all our climbing for the day was done after Baden-Powell.  Next time I'll look at my profile maps.

When the trail finally did reach Little Jimmy Springs both springs were gushing water.  It was a cute set-up with benches and a basin full of cold spring water.  I filled up four liters so I wouldn't have to come back in the morning.

Water for the night
Camp was just minutes away and it was full of people when we arrived.  Pretty much the group from town ended up at the camping and there were a lot of people I didn't really meet.  There was a campfire to eat dinner around and chat.

It feels like it's going to be a cold one tonight.  I'm in my tent instead of cowboy camping.  Some people are still up around the fire, but I'm so tired it's an early night for me.

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