Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 16- In Memory

Mile 230 to Mile 252

For Grammy
September 2, 1919 through May 7, 2012

Sunset from a rocky sloped little campsite.
(I wrote a very long, detailed entry for this day and then the computer and the phone conspired against me and I ended up deleting the entry by mistake.  At mile 250 there was a grizzly bear--in a cage.  There are stunt animals for the movies and for some reason the PCT goes right along their cages.  It was kind of neat.  That was the unusual bit of the day.  The rest of it was the normal hiking, water drinking, ginger snap eating day.  Oh, and the day went from 20 miles to 21 to 22 and I wasn't too pleased by the end of it.  And I'm none too pleased that the really long entry was gobbled up by technology.)

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