Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Day 17- Always go a little further

The waning full moon 
Mile 252 to Mile 265 (Highway 18 into Big Bear)

Just as I feared, I slept terribly.  I don't know how many times I looked at my watch, but time wasn't moving very fast.  It's hard when the two things you'd like to do won't work out.  I wanted to sleep or get up.  Eventually it was time to leave the rocky slope and hike-and fast because it was in the low 40's.  I'd say not 10 minutes pass camp there was the water cashe.  It had soda, cookies, fruit, and of course water.  It also had great camping.  That stung a little.  Lesson:  Always go a little further.

Trail Magic at its finest
I tried to shake off my tiredness and plow ahead-town awaited.  While I don't think I have hiker hunger yet, I couldn't help but look forward to town food.  The idea of town makes me hike faster.  It helped that the trail was easy underfoot.  Breaks were kept short (I only ate half a Clif bar on the way in).
Not far into the miles for the day I met new people.  Three guys also going into town.  I wasn't planning on going into Big Bear until last night.  I couldn't think of a reason not to go in besides I hadn't planned on it and that didn't stand to reason.

The trail today had some of the biggest trees that I've seen.  Some of the pines  make the trees on the AT look like saplings.  It was a truly beautiful section of forest.  The trail stayed in he trees most of the day so it stayed cool out.

I could hear highway 18 since camp last night, and I could hear it for most of the day.  Just out of sight, just out of reach.  Around 11 o'clock six of us came to the road ready to hitch a ride to town for food, showers, and laundry-and that really was the order of business.

It took almost an hour for the six of us to get a ride in.  Rides are easier with less people.  So many cars slowed down like they wanted to stop for me and Threshold the sped up when the saw the four guys with us.  But we did all get a ride in, ate some food, and went to the hostel.

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