Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 22- Hot at Sun Up

Mile 352 to Wrightwood at mile 369
Sun up from the jeep road 
It was already hot out at 5:30 when I was watching the sun come up while eating breakfast.  It was hot and still.  Perfect for a long uphill.

The profile map called for about 11 miles of slow uphill.  The tree went up high enough to get back into the pine trees and their wonderful shade.  It got cool as the trail climbed.

My pack got lighter as I drank my 4 liters of water, but it still felt too heavy for going into town.  My food bag was still bulbous with food.  I probably still had three days of food left.  Every time I ate I ended up just wanting water and I was going through my rations too quickly.

Even though the guide books says there was no water to be had between McDonald's and Wrightwood it also list a spring 5 miles outside of town.  The water report said it was flowing and when I got to the camp ground where the spring was I had about a liter and a half left.  I hiked down to the spring, probably one of the nicest off trail spring yet, and got two liters of icy water.

I drank one with lunch.n. there were a handful of hikers having lunch at the camp ground.  I finished off my summer sausage and cheese but it hardly made a difference to my food bag.

Our ride to Wrightwood
The last five miles flew by-I do like going to town.  My heel started to hurt in the way it does when my socks are ready to die on me.  I'm regretting leaving a pair of socks drying on a bush in Idyllwild.

Hitching into town was quicker than Big Bear even with less traffic on the road.  There were five of us trying to get in.  We saw a van coming and out went the thumbs.  They pulled into the lot-the back of the van had a PCT sticker on it.  They had to shuffle some stuff around to make room for us.  It was a real tight fight.  I was perched on a bucket for the 6 miles in-really uncomfortable, but better than standing on the side of the road.  They let us out at the hardware store where we met up with more hikers.

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