Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Day 18- Nice Trail to Hike

Mile 265 to Mile 285

The owner of the hostel gave five of us a ride to the trail head this morning.  I have parted ways with Rattle Bee and Speed Bump for now, but I'm still with Threshold and Tommy.  Strides and Day Hiker also hit the trail today.  The 5 of us weighed down the poor little station wagon-it scraped leaving the driveway.

We arrived at the trail at 9:30- which is a late start when usually I'd have 5 or 6 miles done by that time.  That meant no long breaks at the heat of the day if I wanted to get to camp in the day light.  With no time to waiste, I hiked.

The first few miles flew by being mostly flat and had nice trail.  At 10 I stopped for breakfast-just a quick break to scarf down a Cliff bar, and then onward.  At that point in the day a 19 didn't seem like a sure thing.  It depended a lot on the trail and water, but if the trail stayed nice than it wouldn't be a problem.

And wouldn't you know it, it the trail did stay nice.  Near lunch time the trail treated me with a view of Big Bear Lake with snowy peaks behind it.  Unlike on most of the AT out here when there's a view you get to look at it for a long time, and it's not on a side trail.  But that holds true for walking through burn areas or along a ridge overlooking a creek.  Those sections just go on and on.

It was too late of a start to have a long mid day break, but luckly it wasn't too hot out.  The long break is good for more than just escaping the heat-I find it really helps my body, and lifts my mood.  But it wasn't that bad going without a break.

I got into camp just before 6.  And I was hungry.  I got my water, treated it, got set up at the picnic table, and started in on dinner.  I had a bag of soup that was supposed to have three dinners in it.  I dumped all of them in my cook pot.  I think it was half hunger and half desperation to lighten my food bag.  While my food set in its cosy I went in search of a flat spot.  I ended up near the creek and away from most of the other campers-hopefully a good night sleep is in store for me.

My three servings of soup hit the spot.  I may regret eating so many servings, but I'd be really surprised if I ran out of food.

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