Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 130-Many Different Falls

From Tenas Camp on the Eagle Creek Trail to Cascade Locks, OR at mil 2,155

I slept well last night with the rushing water so close by, but tiny no-see-um bugs came out in the morning. They were visious and promptly kicked us out of camp. I wanted to get going anyway: town awaited and Washington was going to be within sight.

After the fun and magic of Tunnel Falls the day before I had stopped noticing the beauty of the rest of the Eagle Creek Trail. On the morning walk into town I again looked at the trail with wonder.

We passed more waterfalls. I hadn't realized before how different waterfalls could be from one another. We saw tall skinny falls, a fall that came shooting out of a rock tube, and a large cascading fall. I could have spent the whole day walking the narrow cliff hugging trail.

There was a sign pointing us to a waterfall viewpoint off trail and even on town days I try not to skimp on seeing the extras. Portrait and I first decided to skip it and than we thought we could see the viewpoint from the trail so we started down. Another sign informed us the view was 1.5 miles away. We stopped and turned around as quickly as if the trail had washed out in front of us.

The Eagle Creek Trail spit us out into a parking lot that was mostly empty but I imagine on weekends it is jammed. We followed the road through a picnic area and to a bike path that went into town.
The path followed the interstate for a few tenths of a mile then left it behind for the dark and lush woods. Portrait read aloud as we walked. I kept making quick stops to pick blackberries eventhough they weren't ripe. Berry after berry gave me the face of a woman sucking on a lemon. Finally I stopped searching for the ripe ones and just listened to the story.

After two miles on the bike path we walked into town on the sidewalk. The trail ended right in front of a produce stand and a resturant open for breakfast. It seemed Cascade Locks was going to be a good town.
Packs waiting at the diner

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