Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 119- A Nero to Sisters

From Lava Lake Campground at mile 1988 to mile 1989 at McKenzie Pass

It looked like rain when I woke up.  The sky was dark and for that matter it sounded like rain with thunder rumbling in the distance.  We had less than two miles to hike to the pass, and I really didn't want to hike it in the rain...if it rained.  We bid farewell to the trail angels after a quick breakfast of bagels and made our way back to the PCT.

Two of the Three Sisters
From the lava fields I had a good view of the threatening sky.  It looked like it was raining in the distance, but not where we were, not yet anyway.  Through the clouds we could see Mount Washington, Three Finger Jack, and Mount Jefferson waiting for us.  Behind us the Three Sisters lurked in the dark clouds.  

About halfway into our very short day Portrait pointed out the Dee Wright Observatory.  The building was made completely from dark brown lava rocks.  It looked like a natural part of the landscape.  Once we arrived at the road we made straight for the observatory to check it out.  it provided wonderful views of the surrounding mountains--even with all the clouds.  A metal disk told us how far to each of the peaks that we would be going to.

Then it was time to start hitching.  

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