Saturday, August 04, 2012

Day 105- Shade Bubble

From mile 1757 to South Brown Mnt Shelter at mile 1770

I woke up at 5:45 feeling like I hadn't slept much and I had a head ache and stuffy nose. The stuffy nose was an easy fix and after blowing it on my poor PCT bandanna it stayed clear the rest of the day. The tiredness and the headache were more persistent. Portrait also awoke not feeling well, but he felt light headed and queasy. At one point while we were packing up he looked about ready to fall over. It was a rather slow start to a slow day.

I hiked in front and found it hard work passing up pleasant looking sitting logs in the shade. I felt hot, not just from the sun heating up the day, but that feeling I know from taking a nap in a tent during the middle of a hot summer afternoon.  Not a very pleasant feeling.

I spent my hiking time day dreaming about a zero day in the woods. I dreamt about magazines, bunches of grapes, other fruits, and blue cheese on crackers. I pictured a nicely flowing spring near by and lots of thick shade to lounge in. The more I dreamt about this day the more I wanted to give it to myself as a birthday present. I felt like my body was staging a mini rebellion regarding my small number of zero days.

While taking a snack break on one of the many perfect logs we met some new people:  Texas Chill (AT 09 but we never met there) and Goose, a PCT section hiker. We. Talked briefly, and then saw them again 1.6 miles later at the spring having lunch.

Portrait and I grabbed some cold water from the piped spring then joined the others in the shade bubble:  a handful of pines stood around a small round clearing protecting it completely from the sun. The ground was a soft bed of pine needles. It was the place from my day dreams from earlier that day.

The others left shortly after we settled in-they were doing a 35 mile day. Then Portrait and I really set about lounging.  I don't think that either of us had planned to spend the afternoon stretched out using our packs for pillows when we arrived, but that's what happened.  It wasn't the zero day I had in mind-it was lacking on the fresh fruit-but it was restful.

At 4:30, after having a snack and packing up, we decided to hike onwards to the next water eight miles away. I still headache, but the day had cooled off and I felt like I had more pep. The miles seemed to pass quickly. We stopped for a snack break three miles away at quarter of seven. At eight we were walking up the path to one of the few shelters on the PCT.

South Brown Mnt Shelter was a little log building with two windows facing the path we came up. A picnic table was outside under the windows. We ducked through the plastic sheeting door into the tiny cabin.  Along two of the walls ran a narrow bunk, one was occupied by Ninja Tortoise, the other was full of stuff. A cast iron stove took up most of the floor space. It was not an AT shelter with a space for every one. Portrait and I both decided to tent-there was an old woods road running behind the shelter with plenty of flat spots. I sat my tent up in the road surrounded by daisies.

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