Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 123- PCT is Closed

From mile ? to 3.5 miles on the Breitenbush Trail

I woke up to Jefferson turning pink in the sunrise sun...then I went back to sleep. I was chilly last night and had some trouble sleeping. Having the new sun on me felt wonderful and I dozed for another hour or so.  And by the time we left camp smoke from the nearby fire was wrapping itself like gauze around Jefferson's side.
It turned out that there were plenty of camping options if we had continued north, but I liked our spot, even if I was a little cold. The other spots didn't come with a view.

A handful of miles into the day we met up with Heart and Gone Fishing getting water. In a boulder field there was a small spring under the rocks. We had to walk off trail and down hill aways before the water came out from the rocks, but it was worth it. I gladly dumped out my lake water and took three liters of bonus spring water. Back on the trail we made an H2O sign out of pebbles.

Had I known how much bonus water I was going to pass I wouldn't have taken three liters or bothered to make a sign. There was so much good water flowing across the trail I didn't feel like I was in Oregon any more. Compared to yesterday it was nice to drink my fill and not have to worry about getting more water.

Our first listed water of the day was a lake that we didn't even pause at. It was a little buggy there and had a surprising number of campers on the banks. I was a little tempted to go for a quick dip, but it was still a little cool out. Our second listed water was a glacier creek four miles away.

About a mile from the creek I informed Portrait that I was going to die of hunger. I think he was unsympathetic and told me we could stop for lunch where ever. Of course that wasn't true. I don't stop for lunch just right on the trail. I stop off trail where I can spread out my Tyvek, take my shoes off, and not worry about having to move out of the way.

To my disappointment there was no lunch spots on the near side of Milk creek, and the creek wasn't milky from glacier runoff. We crossed on a small log with no problems and started up the hill on the other side. We had gone about 20 minutes when we found the spot to stop for lunch. It had everything I was looking for.
We ended up having a long lunch-we both fell asleep. As we were packing up a whole herd of people went pass. We caught up with most of them pretty quickly as they stopped for snacks. When we stopped for snack we were passed.

At Russel Creek the creek bed was filled with snow. I think that was how the Sierra's were supposed to look. It even had a mini snow bridge by a spring.

Only a few miles later we got to the trail junction everyone had been talking about for days. The PCT was closed due to a fire and we were being rerouted around. The post had nearly a dozen sings informing us of the closure.

Relaxing at camp before dinner
Our new trail was nice. It had a lot of clear streams and springs flowing next to it. It seemed a safe beat that we wouldn't be dry camping. Turned out to be a wrong bet. We could hear water from our camp, but it was in a gully about thirty feet down. We both had enough water to camp, and we're pretty sure there will be more in the morning as we continue on the detour.

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