Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 116-Highlight of the Day

From mile 1924 at Bobby Lake to Horseshoe Lake at mile 1948

...We were focused on moving north so we would get to camp at a reasonable time.  Portrait, who was in front, stopped suddenly. He said nothing, but pointed into a clearing just twenty feet away from the trail. In the middle of the clearing a black bear was running away from us towards the trees.  He made a racket--breaking sticks and gallomping uphill.  Once in the trees he slowed to a walk and I could hardly see him anymore.  We watched his dark shadow move through the underbrush for awhile until he was lost from our sight.

After our bear sighting the rest of the day was a lot less interesting.  The trail was easy, the uphills short, the down hills gentle on the knees.  The bugs were annoying, but not as bad in the past.  We made it to our planned on campsite, only to find a marshy lake and bug filled area and one very lumpy campsite.  It didn't take long to decided to move on.  

We ended up at Horseshoe Lake for the evening with three weekenders who peppered us with questions when we arrived.  There were bugs there, too, but they seemed to die down pretty quick.  I managed to choke down a dinner without swatting at too many bugs.  

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